We are experts in creating or modifying branded environments for company lobbies, customer experience centers, showrooms, traveling environments, museums, and learning centers. We apply our exhibit industry knowledge from the design, engineering and prefabrication process for each build-out. Our design team works closely with our clients to create a story that will engage their audience.

Due to each locations uniqueness, our project managers focus on the build-out area as well as how the area will be accessed. We take specific notes and measurements on any pinch points the may require alternative construction techniques. Our custom-built solutions are prefabricated in our facility. When complete, we put our logistics plan into play for delivery and installation. The goal is to minimize the disruptions in your day to day business.

Corporate lobby environments are typically your customer's first impression for onsite visits. The Rogers Company can help you make the best brand-experience for you customers.

Educating clients is becoming an important experience for customers. Creating or updating your customer experience center environment will help you showcase products and create a learning experience to remember for your clients.

Show off your product offerings through a showroom experience for your customers.

Modernizing and creating a branded experience for your traveling exhibit is vital for doing business today.

The Rogers Company also provides permanent installment services for museum environments.

Learning centers are environments The Rogers Company creates and builds to help you educate guests or the general public.

We do many other types of environments! If you are interested in learning more about what we do, Contact Us Today!