Showrooms are unique branded spaces within your office that allows your company to display complete or partial product offerings with retail appeal or as showcased pieces. This space needs to be inviting and organized. A showroom is also a place to educate your clients with hands-on product experience.

Butler Home Products displays a large variety of their product lines in their showroom.

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Showroom Design

The Rogers Company will design a showroom in such a way that will help you tell your brand story through your product offerings on display.

Educate Customers

Through technologies, such as multi-touch displays and multi-displays, The Rogers Company can support how you will educate and create value for your customers through your showroom.

Build the Showroom

Metal fabrication. Woodworking. CNC machining. Laminating. Painting. You name and The Rogers Company has the equipment and the experienced personnel to build your showroom.

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