Rogers has been an award winning designer for 75 years. We are here to help build presence, stories, connections, and relationships during your trade show. We collaborate with your team to create a powerful brand stories to cut through the noise. There is no job too big or small, we are here for all of your trade show needs.

Inline Booths

An inline booth is typically arranged in a straight line and has neighboring exhibitors to your immediate right or left, leaving only the front side of the booth exposed to the aisle. Rogers is able to assist you with all of your inline booth needs. We are able to transform your inline booth into a branded space on any budget.

Peninsula Booths

A peninsula booth has aisles on 3 sides, with the main back wall being connected to a linear booth, or split island. Rogers is here to help transform your peninsula booth into a one-of-a-kind branded experience for your trade show audience.

Island Booths

Island booths are unique spaces that are surrounded by aisle ways on all four sides. Rogers will collaborate with your team to create an island booth that brings your vision to the trade show floor.

Double Deck Booths

A double deck booth consists of multiple levels being utilized in an exhibit space.  Rogers will work with your team to create the perfect space to include all your specific needs you have on the show floor.

Rental Booths

Rogers understands providing solutions that fit your budgets is a must. We have created a turnkey rental program which delivers exhibit solutions that can evolve to meet your specific in-booth needs while providing predictable pricing.

Portable Booths

Rogers portable displays are incredibly versatile, easy to use, and help you proudly tell your brand story. We have a large variety of portable exhibits to for all your exhibit needs.