Traveling Exhibits and Museum Installments Expertise

Traveling exhibits are widely utilized in the arts, entertainment and recreational sectors, allowing museums, municipalities and organizers to create semi-permanent environments that can be moved from city to city for extended periods of public viewing.

Curators trust Rogers to design and construct their traveling exhibits and museum installations. We are experts in designing way-finders, graphics, signage, fixtures and other supportive elements to enhance your exhibit. We pay meticulous attention to detail, creating visually striking displays that coordinate with your existing environment.

Engineering & Fabricating Your Traveling Exhibit

Rogers excels in engineering and fabricating user-friendly display components that are easy to set up and teardown. Our state-of-the-art materials and construction methods are specifically tailored to ensure your exhibit's structural integrity and longevity, allowing for a memorable and safe viewing experience.

We also offer protective shipping and storage containers to safeguard your valuable artifacts, providing peace of mind during transportation.

Comprehensive Solutions from Planning to Logistics

When planning any event, we consider the display pieces, locations/venues and travel logistics as part of our comprehensive design and materials recommendations. We understand the time-sensitive nature of traveling exhibits and always prioritize what works best for your event schedule and requirements. Let Rogers bring your vision to life through our unparalleled commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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