Custom Trade Show Displays for Brands and Booths of All Sizes

Custom trade show exhibits are the premier choice for companies of all sizes that want to stand out from the crowd.

Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies customize their exhibition booths. Nearly every exhibit display features some level of customization – from a simple 10’ x 10’ space with a custom backwall to a giant booth with a two-story structure, huge screens and high-tech lighting, to anywhere in between. The level of extravagance is up to you.

A custom exhibit enables you to create a booth unique to your brand using a blend of materials, textures, shapes and features. Custom displays provide a one-of-a-kind space where customers can effectively engage with your sales team, interact with your products, and be immersed in the messaging that differentiates you from the competition.

For maximum impact on the show floor that creates memorable customer experiences, a custom booth design is the ultimate solution.

Custom Booth Configurations

An inline booth is typically in a row with neighboring exhibitors to the left and right, leaving only the front side exposed to an aisle. See how you can transform your inline booth into a branded space on any budget.

A peninsula booth has aisles on three sides, with the main backwall connected to the end of a row of inline booths or another peninsula booth. Learn more about peninsula spaces and check out some designs.

Island booths are open to aisles on all four sides. Designing this space for optimal traffic flow, branding and messaging is key to leveraging this high-value space. Explore your island booth options.

Double-deck booths take your display to new heights. See how these structures increase your square footage to create meeting rooms, hospitality suites or additional product displays above your main show floor space.

Dispelling the Myth About Custom Exhibit Booth Affordability


It’s no secret that trade shows are a significant investment in financial and human resources. So spending money on custom exhibit properties might seem out of reach.

The truth is most custom exhibit displays are engineered for durability, flexibility and long life.

At Rogers, we have clients that have been using the same custom booth properties for many years, even decades.

Our ability to source andbuild displays that can be re-configured for multiple booth sizes and layouts helps exhibitors maximize their investment while maintaining a consistent look and feel at all their exhibitions. Many of our modular booth selections also offer lifetime guarantees against defects.

Depending on the properties you choose, your custom booth can be resurfaced, repurposed and resized as your business needs change. When you want to add a one-time special feature, rental displays are also available.

Plus, with custom booth properties, you’re not scrambling from show to show trying to get your booth orders placed. Simply choose the elements you need for the space you’re in, and head to the show!

Still not sure if a Custom Booth is right for you?
Explore our innovative Custom Exhibit Rental Program and Portable Booth Displays for additional options.

Custom Exhibit Services

At Rogers, we have a dedicated team of expert designers who have collectively created thousands of booths of all shapes and sizes. Our artists create 2D and 3D renderings, with or without animation and white models, so you can see how your booth will look before the build stage.

Our vast experience, breadth and depth of product offerings and in-house engineering and fabrication mean you can count on Rogers to bring your ideas to life on the show floor. Our tenured account representatives will guide you from first concept to installation and dismantling. Even if you’re not sure exactly what you want or how you’ll get there, our team can translate your needs into tangible solutions.

We can also assist you with protective crates for your custom booth and offer storage at our facilities in Cleveland, Ohio and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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