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There's no better way to get undivided attention than a roadshow from The Rogers Company. Roadshows are perfect for introducing new products and creating better sales channel engagement. And your options for roadshows are virtually unlimited!

Roadshow Trailers

Roadshows trailers are great for companies who need a way to demo large scale products to customers and prospects. If your products require a capital expenditure, then providing an in-person, live-action demonstration is common and often expected. By taking your products directly to your prospect locations via a roadshow trailer, you increase your chance of winning the deal. And if your pipeline is too full to produce enough demo inventory, then roadshows are a perfect option. Roadshow trailers are fully scalable, and generally work much like a trade show. Set-up, exhibit, teardown and move on to the next location. Be sure to stop at any distributor locations, too – and ask their customers to stop in!

Traveling Roadshows

Regionally focused, traveling roadshows are great for small scale customer and employee events. Small groups usually mean better attendee engagement, and the intimacy of a small group setting builds relationships. If your products sell better when prospects can see, touch, taste or smell them, then a traveling roadshow is a great option. These events are also ideal for regional sales training. Typically, companies reserve hotel meeting spaces along a mapped and scheduled route. Then, over the course of a day or two, conduct presentations, product demos, and breakout sessions. Then, off to the next city you go!

ABB Group - American Channel Event - Roadshow

The Rogers Company is an award-winning experiential storyteller that helps its clients convey powerful brand stories that stand out from the competition. With more than 75 years in business, we continue to evolve and remain committed to delivering exceptional service levels and innovative solutions to our customers.

Rogers secures it spot on the 2021 Exhibitor Find It Top 40 List
Rogers awarded longevity award for 71 years, 72 years, 73 years, and 74 years of business in the Cleveland area.

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