Inline trade show booths are the most prevalent booth configuration at most trade shows. An inline exhibit booth is a trade show booth that is in a line, or row, with several other booths on the show floor. These rows of booths flank the aisles that attendees walk during the show.

Inline booths typically have neighboring exhibitors on each side, leaving only the front side of the booth exposed to the aisle. An inline booth usually has another exhibitor behind it, as well, separated by a show-provided curtain or custom backwall display.

Also called linear booths, inline booths are generally 10 feet deep by 10 feet wide (10’ x 10’). Exhibitors can combine multiple inline booth spaces to create a single, larger inline booth in ten-foot increments, resulting in 10’ x 20’, 10’ x 30’, 10’ x 40’ spaces or even more.

advantages of inline booths FOR TRADE SHOWS

STERIS exhibited in this 10x20 portable inline booth.
  • More location options – Choosing an inline booth configuration offers exhibitors plenty of opportunities to find a space that optimizes their location in the show hall.
  • Budget-friendly – Since inline booths are available in sizes as small as 10’ x 10’, they are also the most affordable.
  • Choice of display options – Trade show booth producers offer a wide variety of display fixtures designed specifically for inline booth spaces. Rogers offers hundreds of rental and portable booth properties so you can choose the displays that best suit your products and brand.
  • Fully customizable – If you need a custom Inline booth design, we can customize the exhibit to your unique needs. Custom backwalls, large format graphics, display cases, interactive media, storage and more can be designed into your custom inline booth.

Types of Inline Trade Show Booths

In addition to traditional inline booths, there are other versions to consider during space selection. These include Corner Booths, Perimeter Booths and End-Cap Booths.

Inline booth illustration showing various types of inline booth configurations

Corner Inline Booths

Rogers worked with CH Robinson to create this 10x20 linear booth.

A trade show Corner Booth is a type of inline at the end of an aisle. An inline corner booth has neighboring exhibitors on just one side and behind. This open-ended configuration offers additional visibility to attendees on the intersecting aisle.

Perimeter Inline Booths

Rovysis exhibited at INTERPHEX in a nice clean 10x10.

A Perimeter Inline Booth backs to an outside wall of the show hall rather than another booth. As such, perimeter booths can be closely located to vendors or restrooms, generating additional foot traffic nearby. Perimeter Booths often allow higher backwalls, providing more display space for messaging and branding.

End-Cap Booths

Rommelag exhibited in an endcap booth at INTERPHEX.

An End-cap booth configuration spans the width of the row of back-to-back inline booths. An end-cap inline booth offers visibility from three sides, or aisles, greatly improving brand exposure. End-cap booths are essentially the same as peninsula booths but smaller in scale. End-cap inlines are typically 10 feet deep by 20 feet wide.

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Each show will provide specific show guidelines for linear booths. Always refer to your show guidelines generally this is included in your Exhibitor Manual.

This information is cited from the IAEE, International Association of Exhibitions and Events.