The VE-1001 Virtual 10x20 Inline Exhibit offers the following features:

  • Virtual 3D Exhibit Tour
  • Logo Header
  • Custom Graphics
  • Menu with 1 to 4 Items
    • Floor Plan
    • Website Link
    • Email Us
    • Mute
    • Maximize Window
    • More
  • Two Navigation Views
    • Front View
    • Inside Exhibit View
  • Maximum of 10 Embedded Links
    • Audio Introduction
    • Brochure View/Download
    • Meeting Sign-up
    • Video on Monitors
    • Survey
    • Social Media Links
    • More
  • Floor Plan with Two Navigational Links
  • Background Music

Clients to provide all videos, audio files, graphics, brochures, meeting sign-up/website/live chat/social media/survey links, etc. Ask your Rogers representative if you need additional assistance.

Contact us today for pricing and turnkey solution options.

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