Large map graphics on the windows were used to educate on what and where crops are grown in the USA, especially in Ohio.

The bee display was used to educate on the role bees play in crop production through pollination, as well as offer some fun bee-related information. There are stuffed animal bees that can be played with within the display. There is also a video integrated that educate don the life cycle of the bee.

The large wood deck is a visual perch over both the display are and the outside landscape of the Farmpark. The full size model tree has education features built in, such as a tree-ring pull out to show how tress grow yea rafter year. There are cutaways to show how many insects and animals use a tree as their home. Graphics are also used to address plant anatomy and reproduction, and how fruits, grains, and vegetables provide food. The area under the deck provides a fort like environment for small kids. The base of the tree also houses peek holes that show frogs, toads and turtles using the tree for shelter.