One of the biggest challenges we faced was creating “the world’s smallest driving track” inside the pavilion to showcase their fully electric urban concept car, Schaeffler Mover. The car is approximately 9’ x 5’, all four wheels turn sideways allowing the car to move both forward and backward and side to side. In order to support the car moving inside the pavilion on the 30’ x 22’ track we had to reinforce the flooring with an overlaid floor built with custom 39” x 39” black plywood flooring tiles to replicate garage flooring. For safety precautions, we created speed bump perimeter around the track to notify the driver to the proximity of the barrier wall. The walls were also cushioned as an extra safety precaution. Attendee and employee safety was our number one concern.

Another challenge was the cold Las Vegas weather. In January, Las Vegas evenings get down in the blistery 30s and during the day get up in the 60s. We were required by Schaeffler to keep a consistent 70 degree temperature inside the pavilion. In order to achieve this, we rented a 25 ton HVAC unit to control the enormous space.

The booth incorporated seamless video display panels, touch screen monitors, and hologram technology – which showed a 360 view of the Schaeffler Mover. The booth was lined with products on pedestals with digital signage. They showcased their Bio-Hybrid, a concept bike that is part electric/part peddle power. They had their Formula E AUDI Race Car on display, this electric race car has broken speed records driving forward and backwards.