5 Ways to Take Advantage of Tension Fabric

Tension fabric systems are great. They're lightweight, easy to ship and store, and changing logos, images, and colors is a snap. So why do some booths completely miss the point of this fantastic design tool and building material? Companies who use tension fabric systems tend to recreate the square boxes that they've always called home at trade shows. When we're presented with a versatile technology we tend to see it as a better version of something old but we don't let our imaginations really sore with it. Here are some ways to go above and beyond with tension fabric:

1.) Don't be tempted to think only square. Yes, 90 degree angles are great, and sometimes appropriate, but you don't need to fill your booth with them. Fabric can easily be rounded to create a vast array of shapes. Transporting show attendees to another world is a great way of getting out of the office environment. You don't need to recreate the boxes that we work in everyday. Unique shapes and rounded corners opens minds which can be a great way to interact with customers and prospects.

2.) Let It Soar Tension fabric systems can soar above your booth, attracting attention from far away and creating a cool atmosphere inside. While you may be restricted from hanging signage from the show ceiling, you usually can build fairly high. While double-decker booths used to be the epitome of expense, tension fabric systems can give you the illusion of grandeur without the same expense.

3.) Light It Lighting is often ignored but can be a dramatic element to add to a booth. Lighting can transform your booth continuously throughout the show. Furthermore, you can change lighting easily for different shows. With tension fabric, back lighting can create dramatic elements like glowing walls, free shapes, columns and cubes. Back projections can animate logos and show product images. Again, these are dramatic elements that are very economic and easy to change.

4.) Totally Rely on It Many companies use tension fabric for one or two elements of their booth. Don't' be afraid to totally rely on it for your entire boot design. Decorative elements along with more structural elements like walls and ceilings can be created from tension fabric. Designing your entire booth from tension fabric opens a world of possibilities to you now and in the future.

5.) Fabric is green! The very nature of fabric is environmentally friendly. It requires no trees to be harvested. Fabric is light-weight so that means less fuel is required for transport and in many applications recyclable, light-weight aluminum tubing is used for the structural support. Printed fabrics today are also available that contain only solvent free inks and dyes! So fabric is very green!

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