Booth Rentals Fill a Need for 2021

With trade shows making their long-awaited return later this year, exhibitors are now walking the fine line between pent-up demand and uncertainty about attendance. According to its most recent Insights survey, Exhibitor Magazine reports that most exhibitors plan to keep their booth size the same as before the pandemic. Conversely, 70% of those companies are also facing a reduced spending budget. One way to close the gap between booth size and less funding is with booth rentals.

This is a front view of our RRE20-D1 20x20 island booth which is a part of Rogers Rental Exhibit Program.

Renting allows you the flexibility to plan ahead with minimal budgetary risk. With a rental, you purchase your graphics (typically fabric), but the frames, fixtures, lighting, and other hardware needed to make a fantastic display are used only for the show. For most exhibitors, this saves money and eliminates capital expenses. That’s a big bonus!

Did You Know? Booth Rentals are…

  • Scalable – Mix and match booth properties to fit your spaces perfectly.
  • Customizable – There’s no need to sacrifice your brand image. All designs are custom with your logos, graphics, and messaging. 
  • Visually Stunning – Forget the idea of boxy trusses and oak shelving. Today’s rentals feature the latest technology with vibrant colors, state-of-the-art lighting, and a full suite of accessories. 
  • Fully Equipped – From backwalls to counters, shelving, showcases, A/V, and in-booth storage, rentals have it all.
  • Cost-Effective – Booths are lightweight and self-contained, making them easier to ship, set up, and teardown. Since you don’t own the frames, there are no storage costs.
  • PPE Ready – Personal protective equipment, such as plexiglass barriers, are also available.

Rental booths are a refreshingly predictable solution for single events or multiple shows. So, save yourself some doubt – and money – this year by considering rentals as part of your trade show marketing plan.


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