Going Green

Happy Earth Day!

Lets make some green initiatives with your exhibit...here’s how:

Make the change from printed literature to digitized e-literature.

Choosing furniture made from sustainable materials are on trend and available. Also, Utilizing rental furniture from the show is also great, it may not be bamboo, but rental furniture allows you to change up your furniture without purchasing new and this helps with reuse.

There are several environmentally friendly flooring options available. From Recycled rubber flooring, carpet made from plastic soda bottles, bamboo flooring, to cork flooring tiles.

Lighten up your load
Unique and creative materials to help decrease weight to save on drayage and freight costs.

Make Properties Last
Re-purpose tired properties whenever possible. We will work with you to find creative ways to create new pieces out of your existing inventory.

There are a lot of ways to try to make your booth sustainable and environmentally friendly. We hope this helps you think of ways you can start implementing eco-friendly decisions into your booth.