Promoting Trade Shows with Social Media

Social media has the potential to turn your upcoming trade show into a “must-see” event and is an invaluable tool for pre-trade show promotion. It’s also an excellent way to update non-attendees about the latest products, events, news, etc. Social media keeps customers and prospects in the loop so they know what your company has to offer. If you aren’t incorporating social media into your existing pre-show marketing strategy, you are missing a significant opportunity to reach a large audience. Don’t fret if you haven’t established a corporate presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube. Start now. Build pages on these sites and work to obtain followers and connections.

The easiest way to grow your social network is through consistent engagement. Reach out to others and they will return the favor. Once established, here are a few pre-show strategies to promote your next trade show event with social media:

Combine social media with traditional pre-trade show promotions Encourage people to follow your company on Facebook, Twitter, etc. on your blog, direct mailers, emails, press releases, etc. Entice them with special promotions, contests and event news. Share blog posts and create event postings on social media.

Promote trade show events on social media networks There’s thousands of ways to successfully promote your trade show event on social media. To begin, discuss the trade show on your company blog, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Share some insight and quips about the trade show agenda, speakers, topics and industry trends. Engage your audience by asking questions about what they would like to see and encouraging discussions on the latest industry trends. Tweet regularly about the upcoming show and find out if there is a specific trade show (#) hashtag. Locate potential attendees based on their posts and bios and send them personal invites. Ask your staff and sales team to promote the event on their own networks. Word will get around.

Be Seen Don’t be afraid to use videos. Why not create and upload a few noteworthy videos for your company’s YouTube channel? Use the trade show name in the video title so it’s easily searchable. Then, share your videos on your website, blog and across all other social media channels.

Everyone loves a contest Tempt visitors to your trade show booth with giveaways. Urge attendees to follow you on Twitter or “like” you on Facebook for a chance to win a prize at the trade show. It’s wise to give away a few smaller prizes, and then raffle off a more extravagant item (perhaps a new laptop, iPad or tickets to a sporting event). Require participants to visit your trade show display to claim their prize. Social media is a phenomenal and cost-efficient way to leverage your online presence. Companies who engage others and stay active on social media sites can attract a much larger audience and increase brand awareness without spending a ton of cash. It’s a win-win situation. Contact The Rogers Company about the latest social media trends to apply in your next trade show marketing plan.

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