Ready to Hit the Roadshow?

If you’re considering a roadshow for 2021, then you are in good company! Many businesses are embracing traveling events as a means of getting face-to-face time with key partners, customers, and prospects. People are eager to gather – safely. Zoom fatigue is a very real thing, and we all know it just doesn’t replace the connectedness of in-person time. The beauty of these events is that you can manage the attendees, scheduling, and safety protocols. All it takes is a little thoughtful planning and follow-through. 

The steps taken to conduct a roadshow are not much different than those for a medium- to large-scale exhibition booth. Display properties. Product demos. Customer invitations. Promos. Set-ups and tear-downs. Storage. Logistics. Just think of it as a traveling trade show, and suddenly the idea becomes feasible!

Interior of the ACG roadshow trailer that allows attendees to train and learn on location.

What is a Roadshow?

There are distinctly different types of roadshow events. Which you choose depends on your prospect base, sales channel, and overall objectives.  

A regionally focused roadshow is more common for training events. If you have a large sales force, taking the event to them could be more economical than having everyone at your headquarters. By conducting your event in smaller groups, health risks are lower, and you’ll likely get more engagement from your attendees. Typically, companies will reserve hotel meeting spaces for these events. Then, over the course of a day or two, conduct presentations, product demos, and breakout sessions. 

A roadshow trailer is ideal for companies who need a way to demo new products to customers and prospects. If you can’t produce enough demo inventory to keep the pipeline full, then a trailer is a great solution. Roadshow trailers are fully scalable. If you have an existing fleet of trailers, converting one into a moving demo room is not as overwhelming as it sounds. And if your budget is a bit smaller than that, a rental moving truck or trailer could fit you just right. 

How much does a Roadshow cost?

That depends on how big you want to go! You can manage costs through thoughtful selection of venue locations or trailer stops.

Business Travel News provides insider tips on getting the best hotel rates for 2021. Many hotels rely on corporate accounts for occupancy. Average daily rates are down and negotiating an additional 20% discount is possible.

If you’re considering a roadshow trailer, you can calculate your ROI by multiplying your win rate by the number of stops. And if you have a distribution network, get them involved! Bringing a demo trailer to a distributor location not only engages their sales channel, but gives you access to their customers, as well.  

How do I get started?

1.Map out your venues or stops based on the locations of your desired attendees. 

2. Create your invitation list. How many people will you invite? How many do you expect to show up?

3. Create a schedule of events and activities. How much space will you need for your attendees? Will they be indoor or outdoor?

4. Be mindful of federal holidays when businesses are closed. If you are using a roadshow trailer, consider the weather and climate control. 

5. Check out the CDC’s “Considerations for Events and Gatherings” page for helpful tips and tools.  

6. Check with state and local authorities on any gathering limits and safety protocols. (A handy link is on the CDC page shown in #5 above.)

7. Get your Personal Protective Equipment. Consider what you might need for masking, directional signs, sanitizing stations and plexiglass guards. 

8. Don’t forget the refreshments! Single-serve portion packs and recyclable individual cans or bottles are a great way to keep your attendees fueled during your event.

Reach out to an experienced exhibit and event planner for assistance. Their wealth of knowledge will certainly help you plan and execute a great show – on the road! 


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