Traveling Exhibits are most commonly used in the arts, entertainment, and recreational sector. Museums and municipalities often use this method to take semi-permanent environments from city to city, where they may stay for extended periods of time for public viewing.

At The Rogers Company, we work with you to create an environment that is creative and engaging, while also delivering a modular and easy-to-transport solution.

Visit our Roadshows page for information on trailers and regionally focused roadshow events.


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Strategic Planning

When planning any event, we consider the display pieces, locations/venues, and travel logistics as part of our overall design and materials recommendations. Rogers collaborates with your team to create a plan specific to your needs, then delivers the highest quality materials and services to ensure a seamless event.

Engineering & Fabrication

Rogers engineers and fabricates all display components so that they are easy to use, set-up, and tear down. We can also provide protective shipping and storage containers to protect your valuable products or artifacts.

Execution & Logistics

We understand roadshows and traveling exhibits are more time focused, so we always consider what will work best for your event schedule. We can also provide onsite set-up and tear down services if/when your exhibit requires it.

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