Hospitality Events are used for social networking gatherings. They can be informal gatherings where light appetizers and drinks are served or they can be more formal gatherings with a sit down dinner.

Hospitality events are used for networking and promoting special programs. They can also provide an attentive audience for panel discussions and guest speakers along with allowing sponsorship opportunities.


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Branded Strategic Plan

Rogers collaborates with your team to find the best way to support your hospitality event. We will work on a plan for branding your venue with company image. We will work on a strategy that promotes the best use and flow of your venue for your hospitality events specific needs.


With Rogers industry experience we are able to support your hospitality event from conception to execution. Our customer care team is available 24/7 for support.


Rogers understands the importance of using technology during your hospitality event. Technology can be used to help engage your audience. We are able provide all your AV needs, video/filling support for displaying on large monitors during your event, touch screens and other types of technology for engagement.

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