Training Events are used to help educate sales teams, channel partners and/or customers. It allows for specialized education with industry experts. This helps provide a unified approach to training.

Training events can also include certification programs, team building exercises, or guest speakers. We can build custom demonstration stations for hand-on learning. Technology can be implemented to help with training engagement.


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Branded Strategic Plan

Rogers works with your team to create a training event that supports your unique training program needs. We work with you to brand the training venue with your company image.


With Rogers industry experience we are able to support your training event from conception to execution. Our customer care team is available 24/7 for support. We are here to support your team.


Rogers understands the importance of technology during your training event. We work with your team to find the best way to use technology during your training event. Technology can be used to help engage attendees with training techniques. We are able provide monitors, touch screens, gaming options like Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, holograms, and much more.

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