CPR Saves Lives

Six months ago, we witnessed first hand what CPR Saves Lives truly means. Our beloved receptionist, Pat, went into heart failure while at work. It was one of the scariest days for all of us at Rogers. She might not remember much about that day, but the rest of us can account for each second, because it felt like time came to a complete stand still. We are very lucky to have several CPR certified employees in the building. Please check out this very touching video the Mentor Fire Department put together to hear Pat’s story #CPRsaveslives.

You never know when someone near and dear may need your help. We encourage all of you to contact your local fire department to find out how you can schedule a Hands Only CPR training class for your staff. This does not certify you, but it does give you basic overview on how to preform the new Hands Only approach. In July of 2014, we took a huge step to make our office safer by taking part in this training, in which 20 of our employees received Hands Only CPR. This free class was given by Mentor Fire Department. Again, lucky for us, we also have several employees on staff that are CPR certified, which we also encourage to have a few people take the more in depth CPR certification class.

Learn more about the Hands Only CPR approach from the American Heart Association here.

We are forever grateful for our staff knowing CPR, for the wonderful Mentor Fire Department for coming in to take over CPR and to the wonderful doctors at Lake West Hospital for continuing her life saving treatment! You will all be forever in our hearts.