Fives Intralogistics new booth at MODEX from design inspiration to show opening

The idea for Fives Intralogistics new booth at Modex revolves around the word "Singulation" which is a really fancy way of saying "package sorting". Fives singulation system is called the Soli-XK, which transforms a bulk flow of packages into a manageable single-file array for downstream sorting systems, using a series of skewed rollers, friction belts, and slides.

This is Fives Soli-XK, which is where our inspiration for the design came from.


Our design is an attempt to create a fun, colorful visualization of their process as tons of chaotic floating boxes are organized into a straight organized line. The design incorporated boxes that hung from the ceiling to show the chaos of different size boxes that need sorted, your eyes then flow down the back wall which is where you start to see a little order to the chaos as the boxes start to move in to an organized single line, which continues to flow down a platform in the center of the booth. The platform is highlighted by a bright pink strip of carpeting to draw your eyes in on the organized singulation of packages. Creating this type of visualization for their booth allowed Fives to leave the 70 foot machine, that weighs around 7.000 pounds, at their facility, which drastically helped reduce their drayage cost.

Here are a few renderings of the design concept.

And here are pictures from the show floor.

To learn more about Fives and their Soli-XK , please check out their website.

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