Flexible LED Screen

Moving images have become a staple of trade show exhibits. Flat screen and projections give exhibitors and designers more options for dynamic displays. But there is still one challenge when it comes to presenting animation, films, and presentation: screens still must be, more or less, flat. Technologies like the flexible LED screen, available from Tallen, are potentials game changers, however, by allowing for designs to incorporate screen around rounded surfaces. It makes us think of all the flexible shapes that have become popular in designs. Tension fabric, for example, allows for long, swooping designs that appear more organic than solid. A flexible LED screen could be used to meld into a design and show images that could flow into a design rather than just be displayed on it. As trade show audiences become more accustomed to technologies (think large screen televisions, high definition screens, and hand held devices in just about every home) the 'wow' factor target is constantly moving. This type of technology is a next step to achieving greater interactivity and designs that draw the eye. Of course, the very nature of this video shows that great technology with no design is a little flat. Just showing a movie clip on a flexible screen turns this great piece of technology into a one-off gimmick. But incorporating flexible LED screens into a studied design could create a truly amazing display. What do you think? Any great design ideas for flexible LEDs?

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