Don’t Exhibit, Don’t Demo, Solve a Problem

If you think about the word exhibit, it's really linked to museums. Whether it's art or natural history, an exhibit is something that you go to see, walk through, and then leave. The same thing is true with a demonstration. It's not quite real. It's ONLY a demonstration.

So why do we use these words to describe our activities at trade shows? These words are passive and not focused on what really sells: solving problems.

All business, in one way or another, is based on solving someone elses problems. Most exhibitors try to solve hypothetical problems that tend to be abstract. Statements like: "This machine could increase your productivity by 25%" are very common at trade shows. It's a powerful figure but one that doesn't solve a problem in a tangible way.

What about solving a problem that exists in the here and now? There are no shortage of those in a trade show environment.

Are you selling vacuum packaging equipment? Offer to vacuum pack luggage contents on the last day of the show to save space. Launching a new eco-friendly vehicle? Give rides to local restaurants for lunch. Selling printing equipment? Produce books on demand for the plane ride home. Or maps of the trade show floor.

Trade shows offer a host of problems that need to be solved. Solving these problems may not be your core business, but using your equipment, service or technology to do so, highlights benefits and helps create an emotional connection to your brand.

Think of it this way; many companies offer logo emblazoned bags to carry home promotional items. Just extend that idea to the next level and pick a problem you can solve using your product or service. You'll get big headline and a great chance to connect with customers on an emotional and intellectual level.

In addition to custom building branded trade show environments, The Rogers Company is also a full service trade show and event implementation partner providing turnkey services and support for corporate clients throughout the country. Contact The Rogers Company to learn more about our range of client services including trade show marketing consultation and planning.

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