Joyous Brightens the Conference at HR Tech 2022

The Joyous tradeshow booth at HR Tech 2022 brightened up the conference with its popping color scheme and unique design. Not only was the Joyous team wearing colorful tracksuits at the event, but they also incorporated a 10-foot-wide hanging sign featuring their vibrant logo that was suspended one foot above the floor.

In addition to their one-of-a-kind hanging sign, Joyous incorporated a variety of custom-made graphics into their exhibit booth which were displayed on their kiosks and banner. Even the flooring was customized to their branding.

Our team was thrilled to help bring Joyous’ vision to life by providing labor management services for the event. Thanks for inviting us to assist, Joyous! Congratulations on an outstanding booth.

The HR Technology Conference is held so that HR teams around the world can demonstrate their innovative strategies on how to operate human resources successfully and efficiently. Held October 10-13 in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, this show provided thousands of HR teams with the opportunity to showcase and discover new tools.

Joyous 1

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