OSI and Loctite at the International Builders Show 2017 in Orlando, Florida

Check out our clients, OSI and Loctite, both divisions of Henkel, showing off their booths in the gorgeous weather down in Orlando, Florida at the International Builders Show!

OSI is in a large 30×60 outdoor space, with larger towers showcasing how their Quad® sealant products work for different types of applications when installing windows and doors.

Loctite is in a 20×20 outdoor space with their larger than life tube of PL® Premium® Polyurethane Construction Adhesive. Loctite created three stations for attendees to interact and see how their products work in action. The first station had a chair glued in the air to the wall for the attendees to sit on, the second station showed how their glue works underwater and the third station had a hanging bar showing the strength of their glue on different types of blocks.