Rubbermaid Commercial Products at HD Expo

We designed and produced this 20’ x 20’ exhibit for the Decorative Refuse division of Rubbermaid Commercial Products, which debuted at the HD Expo. Our Design challenges included incorporating new branding guidelines and design aesthetics focused on the architect and designer as specifier and end user. The goal was to show the product in relation to the high end design environment in which it might sit. This was accomplished with a forward, architectural look to the booth as well as with strategically placed images of interiors – creating real life vignettes. Central to the message was the adaptability of the products to various environments through the use of design, color and material, giving designers a broad spectrum of possibilities. The graphic wall to the right and the back wall graphic both focus on the variety of colors and shapes available to the end user and highlight actual finish materials.

The booth was located near the back of the hall, so special lighting and vertical height were strategically used to create a sort of beacon that would attract visitors from a distance. The final product closely paralleled Rubbermaid’s new literature and digital content for this focused user group.