QR Codes at Trade Shows – 6 Ways to Market Your Business

QR codes have been around since the 1990s, but they have evolved to become one of the most essential tools for marketing. Modern consumers are constantly using innovative technology to better their experiences and make life easier. By using QR codes, the average person can view nearly anything about a business from their personal mobile device.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of QR codes at trade shows is their ability to prompt interaction with attendees. At shows, where countless distractions are coming from all directions, QR codes enable visitors to focus on your brand for a while – and take it with them after the show.

Savvy exhibitors utilize QR codes throughout their booths. You can place QR codes on your large format graphics, on small signs at your reception counter, within videos and on printed collateral. The goal is to place QR codes where they are most likely to be noticed, scanned and utilized by the attendee.

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#1 Create Custom Experiences

Relevance is everything when it comes to successful marketing. To effectively leverage QR codes in your trade show marketing, your QR codes should link attendees directly to the product or service page that aligns with their needs and interests. Simply create different QR codes for each product you are featuring at the show, and place those near the product itself.

Pro Tip: Be sure to include a reminder to "Bookmark this Page" on your signage and landing pages!

If you don’t have detailed product pages, you can still create a custom experience by creating a landing page specific to the event. Include pictures of your booth to help with recall, and include information about the products and services you featured in your booth.

And always be sure to make it easy for attendees to reach out to you via an online form, email link or phone number!

#2 Expand & Elaborate Your Value

Amidst the hustle and bustle of trade show events, it can be difficult for attendees to see and recall everything your brand has to offer.

Once a visitor has scanned your QR code and landed on your custom page discussed above, you should be sure that page includes navigation to other important pages on your site, such as About Us, Company History, Mission/Vision/Values and other similar pages. This gives attendees the opportunity to explore your brand at their convenience, and maintains the relevance of the landing page itself.

#3 Get Interactive

QR codes provide a unique opportunity to create an interactive experience for attendees before, during and after the show.

Sweepstakes entries, swag giveaways, test your knowledge quizzes, subscribe/sign-up, and the ability to set appointments with your representatives are all great ways to encourage attendee interaction before, during and after the show.

And if you already have interactive tools on your website, such as online ordering, ratings/reviews or product look-up tools, a QR code can quickly point an attendee to the tools that will help move them toward a buying decision.

#4 Promote Social Media Platforms

One of the best ways to build a brand is to highlight its abilities and services on social media platforms. Attendees can gain further insight of your company’s brand when they see its interactions with the community and the way it presents itself beyond trade shows.

QR codes that link to your social media accounts are a great way to build a deeper relationship with your customers and prospects. When a visitor decides to follow your company, they will continue to receive content from your business with all your future posts.

#5 Get Valuable Feedback

Learning what your customers value most is precious knowledge that fuels your business. By determining what trade show attendees like or dislike about your booth and ways in which it could improve, you can create a plan to make the next show even better.

Simply setting up a QR code to a questionnaire asking for honest and confidential feedback shows that your business is listening and willing to adapt to their needs.

#6 Promote Environmental Friendliness

While it’s always beneficial to have printed resources available for attendees to take home, using QR codes in place of literature can show customers you care about the environment – and save you money on shipping, storage and set-up/teardown labor!

This also saves attendees the hassle of carrying brochures with them on the show floor, or finding room in their luggage to take your literature home.

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