Instagram for Trade Show Promotion

Trade shows are all about the visual – innovative booth designs, eye-catching graphics, colorful lighting, creative demonstrations- all meant to entice visitors to your booth. This is exactly why Instagram should be part of your next trade show appearance. So, what exactly is Instagram? Instagram is a mobile app for photo sharing.


It uses filters to transform images into beautiful, vintage-like photographs. It was recently acquired by Facebook and has since morphed into a popular social platform. Users take pictures, choose filters and then post the images to their Instagram feed. Many share Instagram photos on other social websites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Similar to Twitter, the app uses #hashtags to help users search for specific images. How can your organization use Instagram for trade show promotion? Here are a few Instagram marketing ideas to get you started:

    • Create a real-time experience for those unable to attend. Snap photos of different demonstrations, distinctive displays or notable presentations. Take followers on a virtual tour of the trade show event.
    • Showcase your products and services. Before the trade show, take pictures of new products, lesser known products, promotional materials, etc. to give consumers a glimpse of what to expect. While you’re at it, why not provide a sneak peak of your trade show exhibit?
    • Share photos that highlight local attractions and things-to-do in the city where the trade show is located.
    • Add images from behind the scenes. Show off all the hard work (and fun) that goes into setting up and preparing for the trade show. Many don’t experience this aspect, so give them a backstage pass to the action.
    • Show-off your employees. Add a human element by introducing your trade show booth staff. Share a little tidbit of information about each team member in the caption.

Tell your social media followers how to find your brand on Instagram. Share your favorite images on social networks. Feature Instagram photos (and account link) in email newsletters, blog articles and on your website.

Contact The Rogers Company to learn more about integrating the latest social media techniques in your trade show marketing strategy. Make your next trade show a success with our trade show marketing consultation and planning services.

The Rogers Company is an award winning designer and manufacturer of branded environments for trade show exhibits, corporate events, showrooms, lobbies and more. Thanks to a complete design staff, skilled craftsman and state-of-the-art construction facilities, Rogers can custom build branded environments to suit any need. Contact us for more information about custom trade show booth design or how to incorporate the latest technology into your exhibit.

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