7 Awesome iPad Apps for Trade Shows

Engage trade show booth visitors by integrating iPad technology into your next exhibit. The use of iPads in trade show exhibits is on the rise – and with good reason. This easy-to-use tablet can showcase videos, new products and demonstrations in a digital and interactive format. Trade show attendees can freely navigate the content and select material based on their unique interests. Not only will these tablets attract the attention of prospects, iPads make it easier than ever to collect leads and custom-tailor your trade show marketing.

The Apple iPad is a portable, Wi-Fi connectable tablet device that offers 11-12 hours of continuous video playback. The Wi-Fi-only 16 GB iPad 2 usually costs around $399. A 16 GB iPad 2 with 3G capability currently sells for $529 on Apple’s website. 32 GB versions are also available.

Wondering what the iPad can do for your next trade show? How about:

  • Effortless lead retrieval
  • Instant data collection
  • Create quick and simple surveys
  • Showcase videos and photos
  • Interactive games & giveaways
  • Demonstrate new products
  • Provide relevant product and sales information

Intrigue attendees and drive sales with helpful trade show apps for iPad. The following iPad apps for trade shows will enhance the experience for visitors and booth staff.

Build targeted customer profiles with this iPad survey app. It’s ideal for market research, instant consumer feedback, lead capture, marketing, face to face and kiosk data collection. It’s designed to create fast, simple and engaging surveys for booth visitors.

iLeadsCapture sales leads by entering a badge number or scanning a QR code. Leads are backed up and synced on a secure website. iLeads works with or without an internet connection to help trade show exhibitors identify the best prospects.

Transforms your iPad into a portable game wheel. Use an HDMI output to hook up the iPrizeWheel to an HDTV to build even more excitement around your exhibit. Visitors play a Wheel of Fortune-style game with realistic sound effects and spin motion. Customize the wheel to fit your brand’s image and colors. The premium version features data collecting tools that capture names, addresses, phone numbers and email.

Videos are a powerful attention-grabbing tool. Access and stream your video library anywhere with AirVideo. iPads are smart, but they can’t play certain video formats.

AirVideo stores videos inside your iPad instead of converting and streaming the files. AirVideo supports video formats including AVI, DivX, MKV and a whole lot more without taking up your valuable iPad hard drive space.

UStream Live Broadcaster
Engage a global audience of prospects and social media followers that aren’t able to attend the trade show with live streaming video. UStream enables exhibitors to stream the trade show right from their booth.

Sync and store hundreds of PDF files, videos, PowerPoint, Word documents, etc. Trade show booth staff can easily find and send product information to interested customers. It can be used with or without an internet connection. Brand with your own icon, logo, colors and welcome page.

Develop and access an entire library of trade show materials such as brochures, product sheets, photos, videos and more. Information can be shared with consumers from within the app.

Take proper precautions before making the iPad part of your next exhibit. Be sure your booth staff is trained on using the iPad beforehand. While at the show, turn off the iPad time lock to prevent it from entering sleep mode while showing videos. iPad’s  have long battery lives, but keep power strips and chargers on hand just in case. Finally, understand that you can’t rely on Wi-Fi. Thousands of trade show attendees will be accessing Wi-Fi which can cause it to slow or even crash. Fortunately there are other internet options on the show floor. You can rent a wireless network and router from the show, turn a cell phone in your booth into a hotspot or add a 3G network to your devices. We’ve personally found turning a cell phone into hotspot to be the cheapest and best alternative for Wi-Fi.

Contact The Rogers Company to learn more about integrating the latest social media techniques into your trade show marketing strategy.  The Rogers Company is a full service trade show and event implementation partner providing turnkey services and support for corporate clients throughout the country.  Make your next trade show a success with our trade show marketing consultation and planning services.

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