Mobile Scavenger Hunts for Trade Shows

Mobile scavenger hunts are a powerful strategy to encourage trade show attendees to network with exhibitors, seek out additional information on participating organizations and spend more time on the show floor. Implementing a mobile scavenger hunt is surprisingly uncomplicated thanks to a variety of useful mobile apps. Not to mention, these interactive games greatly benefit both trade show organizers and trade show vendors.


Benefits of Mobile Trade Show Scavenger Hunts for Organizers

Mobile scavenger hunts entice participants with a state-of-the art interactive learning experience. Any attendee with a mobile device can participate! Organizers can mold the hunt to align with the event’s primary goals and objectives. Mobile scavenger hunts boost engagement between attendees and exhibitors, increase trade show display traffic and expand sponsorship opportunities and revenue.

Benefits of Mobile Trade Show Scavenger Hunts for Vendors

Trade show treasure and scavenger hunts are an excellent way to showcase your company and achieve your event goals. Enthusiastic attendees will visit your booth to inquire about your products and services. Scavenger hunts offer increased opportunities for quality lead generation and help promote brand awareness. Participants have access to company information before, during and after the trade show on their mobile device. Mobile scavenger hunts are designed so trade show attendees will seek out exhibitors and visit displays to retrieve more information about participating companies. Scavenger hunt clues can be hidden inside trade show displays, product literature, banners, or revealed during a conversation with a trade show booth staffer. Clues and answers can also be disclosed during a presentation by a keynote speaker or obtained by scanning QR (quick response) codes. If utilizing QR codes for the scavenger hunt, a unique QR code is necessary for each challenge. These versatile codes make it easy to pose a question, provide a new challenge, direct attendees to a company website where the answer is located, etc. The options are limitless. Keep in mind that some attendees may not be familiar with QR codes, so it’s best to include instructions near the codes.

Mobile Scavenger Hunt Apps for Trade Shows

Designing a mobile scavenger hunt for a trade show is simple thanks to an array of mobile trade show apps. The following trade show mobile apps can assist with development and implementation of a trade show scavenger hunt. Essentially, they have everything you need to host a mobile scavenger hunt.

Scavify uses challenges and rewards to drive traffic and encourage interaction at the show.

Duelbox integrates trivia, engagement and brand building for a fun user experience.

Eventzee adds quizzes and team building to the scavenger hunt experience.

No matter which solution you choose, mobile scavenger hunts are a great way to bring added excitement to your next trade show or event. The experts at Rogers can help you to integrate your booth properties into your scavenger hunt experience. Reach out to us below for display ideas to support your trade show gamification.

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