Pinterest for Trade Shows

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks in the U.S. If you aren’t overly familiar with Pinterest, it’s a social network for sharing photography and videos. According to Pinterest, the site is designed to let you “organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.”


Users post (pin) images and videos to interactive virtual bulletin boards (pinboards) that focus on shared passions, inspirational themes, items they wish to purchase and more. Believe it or not, this social bookmarking site is responsible for driving more traffic to company websites than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined. Tons of brands and companies are taking advantage of Pinterest for their promotional and branding efforts, so why not use it to bolster excitement for your upcoming trade show? If employed correctly, Pinterest can be a valuable component of your trade show marketing plan.

Here are a few ideas for promoting your next trade show on Pinterest. Pinterest 101 – Getting Started

    • Use your company name as your first and last name on your profile. Be sure to include popular keywords in your company description as well as a link to your website.
    • Begin following Pinterest users. Many will return the favor and follow your account. Interact with pinners through comments, likes and repins (adding their photo to your board).
    • Add a link back to your website, trade show website or company blog for each image posted. These will drive traffic back to your website or the trade show website.
    • Connect Facebook and Twitter accounts to Pinterest.
    • Use keywords in image descriptions so they are easily searchable.

Pinterest for Pre-Trade Show Marketing

    • Announce your Pinterest presence on your company blog, social media networks and newsletters.
    • Start creating pinboards. Create a board that tells the story of your company and values. Design lifestyle pinboards with photos that symbolize your brand’s message or inspirational collages. Consider product pinboards or pinboards filled with photos of corporate events, fun employee pictures, etc. Use images to tell client stories. Develop a pinboard including photos of your company preparing for the trade show. Don’t be afraid to weave humor into your boards. The possibilities are endless.
    • Crowdsource. Ask users to pin images to your boards or create their own pinboards. These boards can showcase an upcoming trade show, unique uses for your products, reinforce your brand message, follow a chosen theme, etc. Get creative.
    • Construct boards with images from past trade shows and encourage previous participants to add their images to your boards.
    • Upload trade show related YouTube videos to your Pinterest boards.
    • Once trade show plans are in place, invite pinners to post photos of their favorite places and things to do in the city where the trade show is happening.

Using Pinterest During the Trade Show

    • Let users live vicariously through your company. Post daily photos of the trade show venue, staff photos, booths, presentations, photos of employees enjoying local spots in the city where the trade show is held, etc.
    • Make your pinboards a collaborative effort. Tell visitors and trade show attendees about your Pinterest site. Invite them to pin their event photos and videos to your boards.
    • Share Pinterest photos on Twitter using the specific trade show hashtag.

Pinterest for Post-Trade Show Marketing

    • Create pinboards for your latest trade show and add your favorite images.
    • Encourage trade show attendees to share their photos. Repin & comment on event photos posted by others.
    • Include Pinterest photos in your company blog, social network posts and email blasts.
    • Remain active in the Pinterest community by following other users, repinning appropriate images to your boards, commenting on images, etc. Make it a point to post regularly.
    • Pin regularly to drive steady traffic to your website. Add images from your website or blog and the images will be hyperlinked back to your company site.

Pinterest isn’t just an amusing and creative social network full of dynamic images. It’s an outstanding marketing tool.  By sharing images, utilizing crowdsourcing tactics and interacting with users, Pinterest presents a unique way to connect with your audience. Sign up for Pinterest and take advantage of an excellent opportunity to promote your next trade show event and your organization. Check out these other ways companies are using Pinterest -

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