Modisoft Custom Island Exhibit Promotes Retail Back Office Solutions

Modisoft showcased its business software solutions in this 30’ x 30’ custom island booth display at NACS 2022.

Notable features included a 16-foot-tall center tower with embedded LED video tiles, a stylish top edge with bright puck lights, and on-brand red trim. The tower doubled as a secure storage closet.

Four workstations strategically placed on the corners carried through the brand’s modern and clean style. They included interactive workstations with desktop computers, wall-mount monitors, matching puck lighting, shelving and additional storage.

The two-piece hanging sign called attention to Modisoft’s Cartzie online ordering and customer loyalty software, while a dedicated workstation in the center of the booth enabled attendees to try the app for themselves.

And don’t miss that custom carpet with its die-cut Modisoft logo and attention-grabbing red border!

Many thanks go out to the team at Modisoft for the opportunity to design and build this amazing custom exhibit! We look forward to working with you on many more!


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