Newell Brands Custom Booth Showcases Life Moments at The Inspired Home Show 2023

With its 100+ renowned labels, Newell Brands demonstrates its mantra of brightening consumers' lives with this year's custom trade show booth at the Inspired Home Show.

If this booth looks familiar, that's because it is! Rogers was thrilled to help Newell create and build this incredible 70' x 110' space that debuted in 2022. The massive double-deck booth features multiple conference rooms upstairs with two giant roof structures hanging from the show hall rafters. Below, a drop ceiling, recessed lighting and numerous product kiosks give the space a high-end retail feel. This year, we re-configured many of the brand-focused displays to depict "Life Moments", including large backlit graphics and true-to-life displays, like a kitchen area and campsite.

Attendees are treated to a large hospitality area with refreshments and plenty of places to relax and engage. Large format graphics, die-cut logos and the ability to see, touch and smell so many of Newell's brands and products provided a truly multi-sensory experience. What more could you expect from a company that brings comfort, convenience and joy to our daily lives?

As always, our gratitude goes out to Newell and its many brands for your trust in The Rogers Company. Thank you for the opportunity to showcase the best Life Moments your company delivers.

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