O-I and BASF take on the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver

The Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America is wrapping up today in Denver, Colorado. This is the premier trade show for craft brewers. With more than 700 vendors all in one location, this is the place to shop for products and services for your brewery or brewpub. This is the perfect opportunity to meet leaders in the national and international brewing arena.

O-I debuted a stunning new 20x30 Island booth where they beautifully displayed over 50 different styles of bottles in a 10’ x 10’ large backlit feature window. Each side window display had over 30 bottles. They used this space to educate attendees on their capabilities and services. This year O-I also debuted a 15x50 Design Lab called EXPLORE.DESIGN.LAUNCH. outside the hall which showcased the O-I artist designing live sketches of glass bottles during the show. The artist is also being live streamed and displayed in the main booth on large monitors so attendees inside the hall could experience the artist in real-time.

O-I is the world's largest glass container manufacturer and preferred partner for many leading craft beer brands. O-I delivers pure, sustainable, brand-building glass packaging to the growing craft beer market. O-I offers global expertise and market insights, local manufacturing, a world class design services team, a breadth of innovations and bottles in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Glass effortlessly conveys a superior image and delivers the unmatched quality that craft beer consumers expect.

O-I at Craft Brewers Conference

BASF Corporations exhibited in a bright eye-catching 10x10. They have proven flooring solutions for the brewing industry. With over 100 years of experience in the construction industry, BASF is a world leader in commercial & industrial flooring and we are dedicated to helping facilities increase the service life of their floors. Utilizing our broad resinous flooring portfolio, we work with our customers to customize a flooring solution that meets the unique needs of their facility. BASF offers solutions that are durable, hygienic, fast-curing, esthetically pleasing and meet the most stringent flooring specifications.


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