Aphena Pharma Solutions & Rommelag exhibiting at CPhI North America

Aphena Pharma Solutions is exhibiting in a 10x20 with a bright backlit backwall graphic and front counter. The used an enclosed display case in the front to showcase their products.

Aphena Pharma Solutions Cphi 2021 10x20 custom portable booth.

Rommelag is exhibiting in a bright, bold 10x20 booth accented with natural wood tones and white furniture and flooring.

Rommelag exhibit at Cphi2021 in a 10x20 rental booth.

CPhI North America is underway at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Show runs from August 10 through August 12.


A curated collection of trade show news and other interesting info from throughout the exhibition industry.

WestPack is back in 2021!

Have you heard about the LVCC Loop? Scheduled to open with the World of Concrete Show in June, the Loop can transport up to 4,400 attendees per hour, as reported by the Las Vegas Sun. LVCC Loop circles the South, Central, and West Halls in just two minutes. Moving people from one hall to another in record time is not only great for attendees but for trade show industry exhibitors, as well.

Rogers Industry News on Las Vegas Loop

WestPack is back in 2021!

Co-located with MD&M West, ATX West, D&M West, and Plastec West, attendees of this popular event indicate their eagerness to return to live events this year. Read more in this article by Packaging Digest.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be live and digital in January 2022

More than 100,000 attendees can expect to see the biggest names in technology, along with start-ups and some surprising new brands making their debut at next year’s event. As one of the largest exhibitions in the world, the return of CES is a harbinger for the rest of the global trade show industry. To learn more, visit the Consumer Technology Association website.

Chicago Auto Show in July 2021

Chicago welcomes the Chicago Auto Show in July 2021, the first event at McCormick Place since the shutdown in 2020. Scheduled attendee entry, electronic ticketing, face masks, and other protocols will be in place for the show. Chicago plans for full reopening by July 4th, according to this report by Successful Meetings.


Exhibitor Magazine launches its first in-person EXHIBITOR FastTrack event this July in Providence, RI, with another following in August in Louisville, KY. The FastTrack conferences focus on education and networking for trade show and event marketers. With trade shows making their long-awaiting comeback, now is a good time to brush up on your skills!

Rogers is an award-winning experiential storyteller that helps clients convey powerful brand stories that stand out from the competition. We are rooted in providing exceptional service levels and innovative products to our customers. We are not affiliated with, nor compensated by, any of the companies mentioned herein. We simply love what we do and want to share it with the world.

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Rogers Supports Master Builders at The Precast Show in New Orleans

Master Builders is exhibiting with bold colored towers in their new 20x20 booth at The Precast Show in New Orleans.

It's exciting to be back on the show floor with our clients!

The Precast Show is the largest precast-specific trade show in North America and the one place where you can find the industry’s most important suppliers and foremost equipment experts under one roof. May 20-22, 2021, in New Orleans, La.

Rogers Creates a Refreshed look for Beachwood Brows

We completed a brand refresh on this beautiful cosmetology kiosk with a gloss white finish. We added elegant gold accents to the existing black counters, and updated all their images and logos with backlit graphics to display their models and application techniques for Beachwood Brows, located on the second floor of Beachwood Place.

Booth Rentals Fill a Need for 2021

With trade shows making their long-awaited return later this year, exhibitors are now walking the fine line between pent-up demand and uncertainty about attendance. According to its most recent Insights survey, Exhibitor Magazine reports that most exhibitors plan to keep their booth size the same as before the pandemic. Conversely, 70% of those companies are also facing a reduced spending budget. One way to close the gap between booth size and less funding is with booth rentals.

This is a front view of our RRE20-D1 20x20 island booth which is a part of Rogers Rental Exhibit Program.

Renting allows you the flexibility to plan ahead with minimal budgetary risk. With a rental, you purchase your graphics (typically fabric), but the frames, fixtures, lighting, and other hardware needed to make a fantastic display are used only for the show. For most exhibitors, this saves money and eliminates capital expenses. That’s a big bonus!

Did You Know? Booth Rentals are…

  • Scalable – Mix and match booth properties to fit your spaces perfectly.
  • Customizable – There’s no need to sacrifice your brand image. All designs are custom with your logos, graphics, and messaging. 
  • Visually Stunning – Forget the idea of boxy trusses and oak shelving. Today’s rentals feature the latest technology with vibrant colors, state-of-the-art lighting, and a full suite of accessories. 
  • Fully Equipped – From backwalls to counters, shelving, showcases, A/V, and in-booth storage, rentals have it all.
  • Cost-Effective – Booths are lightweight and self-contained, making them easier to ship, set up, and teardown. Since you don’t own the frames, there are no storage costs.
  • PPE Ready – Personal protective equipment, such as plexiglass barriers, are also available.

Rental booths are a refreshingly predictable solution for single events or multiple shows. So, save yourself some doubt – and money – this year by considering rentals as part of your trade show marketing plan.


The Rogers Company is an award-winning experiential storyteller that helps its clients convey powerful brand stories that stand out from the competition. With over 75 years in business, we continue to evolve and remain committed to delivering exceptional service levels and innovative solutions to our customers.  

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A curated collection of news and other interesting info from throughout the exhibition industry.

Nevada Hopeful to Fully Reopen by June 1st

On April 13th, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced his plan to transition virus mitigation authority to county governments beginning May 1st, with the goal of fully re-opening the state by June 1st. He cites the return of trade shows and their impact on the economy as a primary driver for this decision, as reported in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.


California and Georgia join the state re-opening list

California is limiting convention attendance to 5000; more if testing or vaccination protocols are in place. Georgia event managers must follow safety protocols, but there is no cap on attendance. Get a state-by-state update from Northstar Meetings Group.

World of concrete returns to Las Vegas

World of Concrete 2021 returns to the Las Vegas Convention Center in June. Safety measures include managing attendance with tactics such as staggered entry times and one-way traffic flow in the aisles. This news has generated a lot of excitement as it signals a clear and much-needed rebound for the trade show industry.

PMA and United Fresh Merge

PMA and United Fresh become one beginning in 2022. This year, United Fresh offers attendees a choice between online and in-person experiences. Great news from TSNN for exhibitors ready to get back to in-person events.

Digital health passes

Technology companies are rolling out Digital Health Passes targeted at convention attendees. Is this the future of trade shows? Read more in this article by Trade Show Executive Magazine. 

Rogers is an award-winning experiential storyteller that helps clients convey powerful brand stories that stand out from the competition. We are rooted in providing exceptional service levels and innovative products to our customers. We are not affiliated with, nor compensated by, any of the companies mentioned herein. We simply love what we do and want to share it with the world.

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Rogers Makes Exhibitor Magazine’s 2021 Find It Top 40 list

It's an honor to share Rogers has again earned its place amongst the best of the best Exhibit Producers of North America in Exhibitor Magazine's 2021 Find It Top 40 list!

Rogers secures a spot on Exhibitor Magazine's 2021 Find It Top 40 list!


A curated collection of news and other interesting info from throughout the exhibition industry.

Exhibitor Magazine, is hosting a webinar on March 17th: Industry Update: New Data on COVID-19 and the Return of Live Events. Register to learn what will the future of face-to-face marketing look like? And when will this “new normal” finally arrive?

The newly formed Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance (ECA) is comprised of eight powerhouses in the exhibitions and meetings industries. This group will focus on existing advocacy initiatives as well as establishing a road map for the future of the trade show industry. 

The Rogers Company trade show industry news for March 2021

Convention Data Services (CDS) talks about some of the new technology being unveiled for trade show safety and convenience. Digital tickets, crowd density measurement, and online matchmaking are just some of the tools being introduced, as reported in this “How Technology Can Maintain Safety at Trade Shows” article by TSNN. 

Since we haven’t spent any money on trade show giveaways for a while, maybe it’s time to re-think what to give and how to get it to our customers and prospects. This insightful blog post by Meetings & Incentive Travel is an inspiring and short read. 

Northstar Meetings Group continues to track re-openings on a state-by-state basis. The latest update shows restrictions starting to loosen around the US - positive news for the trade show industry

No more barking dogs in Zoom meetings? Daydreaming while important topics are being covered? Check out these new online meeting technologies shared by Successful Meetings. 


Rogers is an award-winning experiential storyteller that helps clients convey powerful brand stories that stand out from the competition. We are rooted in providing exceptional service levels and innovative products to our customers. We are not affiliated with, nor compensated by, any of the companies mentioned herein. We simply love what we do and want to share it with the world. 

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Rogers working with Nesco Resource on Upcoming Virtual Awards Ceremony

Getting Back to Trade Shows on a Limited Budget

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) recently predicted a return to trade shows in the second half of 2021. While the job impact is heartbreaking, being on track for a return this year is welcome news. Regardless, there is still uncertainty about how well shows will be attended. And that’s probably taken a hit on your budget. 

Whether you’re an expert exhibitor or new to shows, controlling trade show costs is critical in times like these. Check out the money saving tips below to help you get the most from a limited budget.  

Trade Shows Budget Minder

1.Consider a smaller booth space until shows fully rebound. Booth space typically consumes about 30% of your overall spend. A smaller booth is a fast way to cut costs.

2. Take advantage of exhibitor services discounts. Get your rigging, electrical, plumbing and internet order forms submitted by the early bird discount date. This can save you as much as 30%.

3. Hit your target-in and target-out dates. Failure to do so will cost you penalty fees – and overtime.

4. Save on material handling/drayage by packing for the CWT (aka hundredweight) minimum. For example, let’s assume a show’s minimum is 2 CWT (or 200 lbs.) and the rate is $100/pound. If you send three 75-pound cartons, each carton will be charged at the 200-pound minimum. This will cost you a whopping $600 in drayage! By combining two of those packages into one, you’ll save $200. Drayage costs add up quickly, so pay close attention and pack accordingly.

5. Use lightweight trade show booth properties to reduce freight, drayage, and labor costs. Stretch fabrics on aluminum frames weigh less than wood structures. By adding custom graphics and lighting, you can create significant visual appeal. These structures are engineered for easy set-up and tear-down, as well.

6. Refresh, don’t re-do. If you own existing booth properties, you can extend their life by adding new graphic skins. Re-purposing what you already own is a great way to save money.

7. Go with a turnkey rental exhibit that is developed to help off set costs with set pricing for each design variation that includes the rental exhibit and on-site services. Rental exhibits have a custom look, on a budget.

8. Leave the literature and freebies at home. Emailing your literature to prospects after the show gives you an opportunity to keep the conversation going. Shipping a give-away post-show reminds the prospect of his/her visit to your booth.

9. Send small packages to your hotel and hand carry them in. Most trade show organizers and general service contractors have strict policies against doing your own material handling. However, small cartons carried in by your set-up crew is usually ignored. Just don’t overdo it!

Exhibitors can also reduce costs by managing their booth personnel schedules, bidding out freight carriers, using local storage facilities between events, and much more. Your trade show vendor should be able to help you find the best ways to save. At Rogers, we’ve never met a budget we couldn’t hit. Ask us how. 


The Rogers Company is an award-winning experiential storyteller that helps its clients convey powerful brand stories that stand out from the competition. With more than 75 years in business, we continue to evolve and remain committed to delivering exceptional service levels and innovative solutions to our customers.   

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Personal Protective Equipment and Trade Shows in 2021

What started out as two-weeks to stop the spread has turned into a worldwide saga a year in the making. It was on January 30th, 2020 that the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. By March 5th, the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. The impact on the trade show industry was massive. And for the first time ever, many Americans learned about personal protective equipment. One year later, PPE is a household term; and it will be required for trade shows to return. 

mccormick place in chicago

You’ll be happy to know that, as predicted, there is pent-up demand for exhibitions. According to a February 1st article in the Chicago Tribune, McCormick Place has packed a year’s worth of events into the last half of 2021. Before the virus, the venue hosted an average of 40 major events annually. Now, it has 59 events planned, with 39 of those considered “major”, between June and December of this year. 

The Las Vegas Convention Center is also planning its return. The World of Concrete show returns to Vegas in June. World of Concrete is considered the first large-scale event the city has seen since the pandemic shut down conventions in April 2020. The National Hardware show has been rescheduled to October 21-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the new West Hall. 

The vaccine has brought new hope to the trade show industry. While each state will have its own requirements for safe gatherings, one thing is certain: Personal protective equipment will be required to exhibit and attend. Venues have already implemented stringent sanitation procedures. And as part of their commitment to re-open safely, masking and social distancing will be required. To get a glimpse of the future of trade shows, check out this post-COVID virtual tour of McCormick place.  

At Rogers, we can hardly wait to see our customers doing what they do best once again. We offer a complete catalog of personal protective equipment, including hand sanitizing stations, plexiglass guards, custom masks and more to create a safe and healthy booth. We are strong, committed, and ready to support your trade shows needs for 2021 and beyond.


The Rogers Company is an award-winning experiential storyteller that helps its clients convey powerful brand stories that stand out from the competition. With more than 75 years in business, we continue to evolve and remain committed to delivering exceptional service levels and innovative solutions to our customers.

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Ready to Hit the Roadshow?

If you’re considering a roadshow for 2021, then you are in good company! Many businesses are embracing traveling events as a means of getting face-to-face time with key partners, customers, and prospects. People are eager to gather – safely. Zoom fatigue is a very real thing, and we all know it just doesn’t replace the connectedness of in-person time. The beauty of these events is that you can manage the attendees, scheduling, and safety protocols. All it takes is a little thoughtful planning and follow-through. 

The steps taken to conduct a roadshow are not much different than those for a medium- to large-scale exhibition booth. Display properties. Product demos. Customer invitations. Promos. Set-ups and tear-downs. Storage. Logistics. Just think of it as a traveling trade show, and suddenly the idea becomes feasible!

Interior of the ACG roadshow trailer that allows attendees to train and learn on location.

What is a Roadshow?

There are distinctly different types of roadshow events. Which you choose depends on your prospect base, sales channel, and overall objectives.  

A regionally focused roadshow is more common for training events. If you have a large sales force, taking the event to them could be more economical than having everyone at your headquarters. By conducting your event in smaller groups, health risks are lower, and you’ll likely get more engagement from your attendees. Typically, companies will reserve hotel meeting spaces for these events. Then, over the course of a day or two, conduct presentations, product demos, and breakout sessions. 

A roadshow trailer is ideal for companies who need a way to demo new products to customers and prospects. If you can’t produce enough demo inventory to keep the pipeline full, then a trailer is a great solution. Roadshow trailers are fully scalable. If you have an existing fleet of trailers, converting one into a moving demo room is not as overwhelming as it sounds. And if your budget is a bit smaller than that, a rental moving truck or trailer could fit you just right. 

How much does a Roadshow cost?

That depends on how big you want to go! You can manage costs through thoughtful selection of venue locations or trailer stops.

Business Travel News provides insider tips on getting the best hotel rates for 2021. Many hotels rely on corporate accounts for occupancy. Average daily rates are down and negotiating an additional 20% discount is possible.

If you’re considering a roadshow trailer, you can calculate your ROI by multiplying your win rate by the number of stops. And if you have a distribution network, get them involved! Bringing a demo trailer to a distributor location not only engages their sales channel, but gives you access to their customers, as well.  

How do I get started?

1.Map out your venues or stops based on the locations of your desired attendees. 

2. Create your invitation list. How many people will you invite? How many do you expect to show up?

3. Create a schedule of events and activities. How much space will you need for your attendees? Will they be indoor or outdoor?

4. Be mindful of federal holidays when businesses are closed. If you are using a roadshow trailer, consider the weather and climate control. 

5. Check out the CDC’s “Considerations for Events and Gatherings” page for helpful tips and tools.  

6. Check with state and local authorities on any gathering limits and safety protocols. (A handy link is on the CDC page shown in #5 above.)

7. Get your Personal Protective Equipment. Consider what you might need for masking, directional signs, sanitizing stations and plexiglass guards. 

8. Don’t forget the refreshments! Single-serve portion packs and recyclable individual cans or bottles are a great way to keep your attendees fueled during your event.

Reach out to an experienced exhibit and event planner for assistance. Their wealth of knowledge will certainly help you plan and execute a great show – on the road! 


The Rogers Company is an award-winning experiential storyteller that helps its clients convey powerful brand stories that stand out from the competition. With more than 75 years in business, we continue to evolve and remain committed to delivering exceptional service levels and innovative solutions to our customers.   

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Trade Show Industry News – January 2021

A curated collection of news and other interesting info from throughout the exhibition industry. 

More and more businesses have received their GBAC Star Accreditation for cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention. Offered through the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and its Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), companies must meet 20 program standards to qualify. Facilities including convention centers, arenas, hotels and restaurants can apply – all positive signs for the trade show industry.

GBAC Star Accreditation for cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention.

The US Travel Industry outlined the details of the latest Coronavirus relief package. Check out the provisions included to support tourism, venues, ground and air transportation.

Event Marketer recognizes the leading exhibition builders in its 2020 Fab 50 List.

IAEE TV interviews the executive director of The Orange County Convention Center about recent events that were modified for safety. And well attended!

Successful Meetings provides tips on overcoming Zoom fatigue in its article How to Keep Your Team Engaged in a Remote Meeting.

Orlando remains a top destination for the trade show industry despite COVID-19. The hiring of Cassandra Matej as the President and CEO of Visit Orlando reflects the city’s commitment to re-opening safely.

Rogers is an award-winning experiential storyteller that helps clients convey powerful brand stories that stand out from the competition. We are rooted in providing exceptional service levels and innovative products to our customers. We are not affiliated with, nor compensated by, any of the companies mentioned herein. We simply love what we do and want to share it with the world.

How to Create a Virtual Trade Show Booth

For many companies, trade shows are a staple of their annual business plans. These events have enabled exhibitors and attendees to surround themselves in new and intriguing opportunities for decades. The excitement and energy of a trade show is intangible, and simply can’t be replicated. But with exhibitions on hold for the foreseeable future, many businesses are now entering the world of virtual trade shows

There’s consensus in the exhibitions industry that virtual trade show booths are here to stay.

The Rogers Company offers 20x20 virtual trade show exhibits.

Even after in-person events return, they are expected to become a live and virtual hybrid. But as all of this evolves, how and where do you start? Here are some tips to help you create a virtual event that meets your needs now, and creates an engaging experience for your customers well into the future:

1. Make Your Physical Brand Your Virtual Brand

One of the distinct advantages of a virtual trade show is the ability to introduce a new look-and-feel to your booth without investing in physical booth properties. With a virtual event, you can try a new booth layout and introduce new show concepts.

Just make sure your company brand, colors, logos, and messaging are still recognizable. You want your attendees to identify and appreciate all your company offers on all of the platforms they might find you. It’s okay to be creative! Just be consistent so when live events do return, people will know it’s still you.

2. Set Goals for Your Virtual Trade Show Booth

As with anything, knowing what you want to achieve before you begin is the smartest approach. So, consider all you want to accomplish ahead of time and plan your virtual event accordingly. That might include lead generation, new product demonstrations, networking, education, brand building and more. That’s great! Making those goals measurable is even better.

Instead of simply setting your goal to say “generate leads”, set your goal for “generating 100 new contacts” (or whatever number best suits your business). You might want 50 people to watch your video. Or you might prefer that three specific key accounts watch that video. Not every goal has to be lofty but defining them ensures you’ll stay on track and helps you to prioritize.

3. Build Your Show Around Your Audience

With the whole of the world wide web as potential attendees, it can be tempting to try to attract them all. But that’s neither efficient nor effective. Make sure your virtual show is designed for and about your target customers and the problems they’re trying to solve. Then promote your product or service in a way that is engaging, relevant and meaningful for your attendees.  

Is your product or service complicated? Plan for live chat. Do you want feedback from your audience? Create polls and gamify them. Do different decision makers have different needs?Create personalized tracks.

You can provide brochures or a downloadable presentation that summarizes your event. Offer a meeting scheduler or an RFQ form to entice conversion. Create a discussion board so your visitors can network with each other. And you can give visitors a way to share your event with others within their organization or on social media. 

Remember – digital distraction is just one pop-up task reminder away, so you want your virtual exhibit to be immersive and interactive. There are so many options from which to choose. Don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities.

4. Create a Virtual Event Marketing Plan

Simply creating a virtual trade show booth doesn’t guarantee people will come. You need a promotions plan that will attract, inform, and continually engage your targeted attendees. Use email to invite them and send out reminders as your event date approaches. Utilize paid and organic social media to promote your event. Get your sales team involved. After all, this gives them an excuse to call that customer or prospect again. 

Create an event schedule that encourages pre-registration. Offer an on-demand version on your website after the event. Post a banner on your site’s home page and incentivize your channel partners to do the same. Create a contest or sweepstakes for registered attendees to build excitement leading up to your event. Re-engage registrants who did not attend after the event.

Remember – a goal without a plan is just a wish! If you planned ahead and still don’t hit all your goals, that’s okay. The beauty of owning your virtual exhibit is your visibility into user interaction, and ability to re-plan and re-market it as often as needed.

With their relatively low cost, extended reach, and nearly infinite trackability, virtual exhibits will surely become a marketing mainstay. It's important you choose a virtual trade show vendor that focuses on your unique requirements and has the experience and flexibility to meet your changing needs. The team at The Rogers Company has a long history of helping clients create qualified business opportunities through experiential marketing. We would be honored to show you how.

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Will trade shows come back

Will trade shows come back after the COVID-19 vaccine?

Many people are wondering will trade shows come back to “business as usual” with the COVID-19 vaccine– and if so, when? While almost everyone agrees there will be a “new normal”, smart business managers are doing all they can now to plan for a return to office and all the variables that may involve. 

What the COVID-19 Experts Say About Vaccinations and Return to Office

Trade showin a COVID-19 world 2021.

The CDC is working closely with health departments and other partners to prepare for the vaccine’s release, creating guidance for safe distribution, storage, and administration to Americans. It offers this web page, “8 Things to Know About Vaccine Planning”, for insight into what is happening now and what is yet to come.   

In September, Healthline interviewed Dr. Fauci and two other infectious disease experts who agreed that normalcy will only return through continued use of masking, hand washing, and social distancing while the vaccine is being distributed, and perhaps beyond. Ugur Sahin, CEO of vaccine creator Pfizer-BioNTech, said life could return to normal by the winter of 2021. And the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) predicts that some employers may require vaccination to return to office.

A Year Filled with Virtual Exhibits and Zoom Calls

No doubt, most of us are eager to get back to the familiar people and places we’ve missed during the pandemic. While Zoom calls have filled a gap, they simply can’t replace the effectiveness of in-person meetings.

Virtual Exhibits, while compelling in their own right, will never replace the value of face-to-face time with our customers. And while the remote-work landscape has evolved and likely changed for good, many yearn for the camaraderie and companionship of our co-workers without screen time.

What to Expect with Return of Trade Shows

Most industry experts say it’s not a matter of if, but when, trade shows will return. For now, it looks like that will happen in the second half of 2021. It’s expected that significant, pent-up demand for trade shows will impact the entire exhibition supply chain. Trade show organizers, having rescheduled or gone virtual in 2020, will compete for the venues and dates they once held.

Bottlenecks in housing, travel/transportation, and dining are likely to occur as multiple shows are held simultaneously or back-to-back. Booth space is expected to sell out rapidly. And everyone impacted by the shutdown, such as caterers, forklift operators, electricians, plumbers, and trade show managers, who were laid off during the pandemic, will be in high demand. Of course, attendee and exhibitor health and safety will be top of mind for everyone involved.

At The Rogers Company, we are very much looking forward to the return of trade shows so our clients can get back to doing what they do best – showing prospects and customers all the solutions they have created for their businesses. The energy and excitement of trade shows can’t be duplicated, and the new sales leads they generate are vital to the exhibitors who have been put on-hold for so long.

Yes, trade shows will come back – in force. When that happens, Rogers is stocked and ready to help with your all your PPE, sanitation and workspace needs. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy – and we’ll see you at the show!

Rogers Secured a Spot on Event Marketer’s 2020 FAB 50 List

What a year 2020 has been for the trade show and event industry. Rogers has sure seen a lot over the past 75 years, but this has been one for the books. Rogers is excited to share they made Event Marketers FAB 50 list!

The Fab 50 list highlights the industry’s top 50 fabricators that possess skill-sets that make them uniquely positioned to build events and experiences that are both expertly live-wired and artfully crafted. And in 2020, another useful quality came to the forefront: adaptability. Check out the announcement here.

Event Marketer magazine was founded in 2002 to serve the information needs of strategic brand-side event marketers and agency executives across the spectrum of face-to-face marketing.

Rogers made the Event Marketer's 2020 FAB 50 list

Trade Show Planning and Budgeting in Uncertain Times

Let’s face it. Trade show planning and budgeting is hard. There never seems to be enough money to do everything we want, while also implementing new marketing technologies and methodologies. Edicts from the c-suite to manage spending coupled with internal stakeholders who rely on you for new business opportunities is a complex process in a normal year. But now here we are… in a pandemic world trying to figure out our next best move.  

Exhibitions are a $100 billion industry in the US alone, but you don’t really hear about COVID’s impact on the trade show industry. Those of us who rely on shows feel the loss deeply. Predictions are that trade shows won’t return until late 2021, so event organizers are rescheduling and extending sign-up deadlines. But you know you’ll still need to commit to, and at least partially fund, shows ahead of time and on a compressed schedule. It’s quite a conundrum.

We know you’re facing hard cuts to your budget and may not get the funding you want and need. Regardless, you’ll be faced with making some tough choices. So, we’ve put together some ideas to help you plan your trade shows in these uncertain times.

Define and Measure Your Objectives

This should always be at the core of your marketing and trade show planning. Write down your objectives for your trade shows, and then determine which shows best help you meet those goals. 

Do you exhibit for new leads? Distributor engagement? Customer relationship building? New product launches? Brand awareness? Whatever your reason(s), you should measure the effect of “lost” shows tangibly, and in a way that aligns with your business objectives. 

If counting leads is your only objective, you know what you stand to lose by not exhibiting. For those harder to measure, more implicit goals, you can still quantify. Consider how much revenue comes from that distributor or customer who frequents your booth. Estimate the number of brand impressions you receive based on registered attendees. Calculate the column inch value of subsequent media coverage of your booth, products, or services. 

As marketers, it’s up to us to find the best methods for getting the promotions job done. But when one of those methods is taken from our toolbox, it can be a daunting task. Try keeping the shows that have the most impact on your objectives. For the rest, consider tools such as virtual exhibits as a means of staying in front of your audience.

Calculate Your ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is not just for capital. Having a positive ROI is a constant goal of good marketing. Knowing that ROI can make a difference when you need to allocate a budget. If you’ve never calculated ROI, it’s simply a matter of subtracting the cost of your events from the resulting revenue

Oftentimes, the constraint to get that ROI is in obtaining the revenue figure. If your CRM and ERP are connected, and your sales team keeps the CRM updated, then you’re exceptionally lucky! Generating a report of sales attributed to trade shows should be relatively easy to achieve. 

For those who have yet to reach that pinnacle of marketing measurement, calculating ROI is still possible. Try getting a list of new customers and their revenue, then compare that list against trade show leads. Just remember that no method is perfect – even for the fortunate marketers with all their systems connected. If you can determine a margin of error, calculate that in. If not, you can simply mark your ROI report as an estimate. And don’t forget to include those implicit values mentioned in the section above.

Marketing Budgets as a Percent of Revenue

Knowing how your company falls on the scale of marketing-budget-to-sales-revenue is a good bargaining tool with the c-suite. More importantly, ensuring your allocation of funds aligns with your revenue sources helps you plan your tradeshows with more confidence. 

To get started, simply Google “marketing to advertising ratio” to find the average marketing spend based on your industry. Once you have that percentage, you can evaluate your overall budget. Next, take that budget figure and evaluate your spending categories.

For example, if your industry typically spends 2% of revenue on marketing, check to see how your budget compares. If you’re below average, you can certainly lobby for more funding. However, if you’re maintaining the same percentage of sales despite overall reductions, you should probably work with what you’ve got.  

Then, look at your spending categories. If trade shows are 25% of your marketing budget and contribute 25% of your revenue, then you have a good balance. You might also consider some flexibility in this ratio for the value of the branding and relationship building at trade shows. If you’re not satisfied with the ratio of spend to revenue, then make adjustments. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to forego the shows you love, but you might need to right-size, send fewer people, etc.

Virtual Exhibits and Hybrid Events

If you haven’t already done so, embracing virtual events and virtual exhibits is a reality we all must face. 

Show organizers are going virtual, and even when exhibitions return, they’ll likely be a hybrid of in-person and virtual. You’ll be in a better position later if you get in on the game now. Virtual exhibits typically cost far less than a full-blown trade show, and rightfully so. Attendance is different. Engagement is different. The value hasn’t yet proven itself.  

Wise marketers are also creating their own virtual experiences and hosting them on their websites for the long term. We are all aware that buyer behavior continues to shift to online, and the pandemic has accelerated that shift. Virtual displays create an engaging and interactive space for your buyers, particularly if your products are not e-commerce ready.

Cut Costs

The phrase no one likes to hear, especially after submitting a trade show plan that seems right on target. But there are ways to reduce show expenses and increase your ROI. 

The most obvious place is booth size. We all love a big booth with big signs and beautiful graphics. Most marketers want to appear “larger than life” when at a trade show. And we all know there’s a price tag associated with that. But if you look at your objectives and ROI, you can likely still have a great presence in a slightly smaller space. 

Rentals and Portables are a good way to reduce the cost of exhibiting, too. Even if you already own booth properties, you might consider switching to these lightweight and portable options temporarilyThese can save on freight, drayage, set-up and tear down, and labor (your own and show labor).


Show organizers don’t typically allow you to sublet space within your booth. However, you can still work with your strategic partners to share in the costs of exhibiting. For example, a manufacturer can allocate marketing funds to its distributors in exchange for them exhibiting at regional events. And distributors can source funding from multiple manufacturers to display their products within their booth. This offsets the costs of exhibiting and may even create a unique revenue stream.

The Recap

Try using these six steps in your trade show planning to maximize your budget and strategically position your marketing now and in the future:

  1. Define and Measure Your Objectives
  2. Calculate Your ROI
  3. Evaluate Your Spend as a Percent of Revenue
  4. Embrace Virtual Marketing
  5. Use Creative Thinking to Cut Costs
  6. Work with Channel Partners 

On a final note, be sure to talk to your trade show vendor about all your options. At The Rogers Company, we’ve never met a budget we couldn’t hit. With 75 years of helping our clients achieve their trade show goals, we have the experience and support to help you, too!

Trade Show Industry News

A curated collection of news and other interesting info from throughout the exhibition industry.

Exhibitor Magazine releases the results of its most recent COVID-19's Impact on the Trade Show Industry Insights Report. See how your company measures up to other exhibitors and suppliers. Yes, you have to give up your information to get the report but it’s worth it!

EXHIBITOR Insight Report: COVID-19's Impact on the Trade Show Industry

And speaking of Exhibitor Magazine, they’re also hosting a webinar on December 9th: Venue Confidential: An Inside Look at Convention Center Safety. Register to learn what the leading trade show venues are doing to help stop the spread.

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has rescheduled the NAB Show for 2021, as reported by Trade Show News Network.

Did you know LinkedIn offers a new streaming service called LinkedIn Live? This service requires LinkedIn’s approval of an application, but it comes complete with several guides and best practices to help you get the most out of this new service.

The Rogers Company is an award-winning experiential storyteller that helps its clients convey powerful brand stories that stand out from the competition. We are rooted in providing exceptional service levels and innovative products to our customers. The Rogers Company is not affiliated with, nor compensated by, any of the companies mentioned herein. We simply love what we do and want to share it with the world.

Spooktacular Halloween

We are not entirely sure who had more fun yesterday the kids or the adults?!

The Rogers Team put together a fun Halloween experience for their favorite little goblins! There were decorations, games, lots of goodies, and even a dinosaur hard at work!

With all the weirdness going on in 2020, it was nice to see the kids having fun!

Thank you to everyone that decorated and brought in goodies!

And of course, a special thank you to all the kids for making us take a moment to appreciate the good in 2020!

Rogers Partners with Rubbermaid Commercial Products to Donate to Local Organizations

We had a busy day on Friday at Rogers! We teamed up with our client, Rubbermaid Commercial Products to donate their unused trade show display products to local charitable organizations and schools in our area.

We pre-scheduled times with over 10 organizations to come pick up these amazing products. It was an honor to help facilitate the donations to Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Lake Humane Society, Asa's Angels of Hope, Lake County Dog Shelter, Mentor Public Schools, Lake-Geauga Recovery Centers, Project Hope for the Homeless, Crossroads Health Ohio, Geauga Humane Society's Rescue Village, Hannah's Home, Hershey Montessori Schools and Euclid Animal Shelter to name a few.

Thank you again, to Rubbermaid Commercial Products for your commitment to supporting local communities!

Join Us – Rogers is a Virtual Exhibitor at Together Again Expo

We are excited to share that Rogers is participating in the Together Again Expo - Friday, July 24th as a Virtual Exhibit Sponsor. There are so many questions with how to get back to business with trade shows and events. This is FREE for virtual attendees! Education is key on helping navigate through all the new safety procedures.

There will be industry leaders, innovators, and professionals in the community to showcase new strategies and tools to help with the new journey to hosting trade shows and events safely and responsibly. You can find us in virtual booth V5!

To learn more about Together Again Expo - click here

Rogers is a virtual exhibitor at the Together Again Expo 2020


10:00am - 10:15am

10:00am - 10:15am

Opening General Session
11:05am - 12:15pm

In this live panel discussion, learn how Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) is bringing business events back to Orlando safely. You will hear from Orange County leaders in the exhibitions, events, and hospitality industry. OCCC clients will discuss implementation of new practices to ensure safety of attendees and exhibitors.

12:15pm - 12:30pm

12:30pm - 12:45pm
Sunbelt Rentals

12:45pm - 1:00pm
Jacqueline Beaulieu, HMCC, Director, Strategic Marketing & Client Management

1:00pm - 1:20pm
Executive Chef James "Chef K" Katurakes
Hosted in Centerplate Demo Area, Aisle 300

1:20pm - 1:35pm
Sarah Beck & Selina Mullenax, CORT Events

1:35pm - 2:00pm
Shannon Fitzpatrick McDaniel, Vice President, Sales Development, The Expo Group

2:00pm - 2:15pm
United Service Companies

12:15pm - 12:30pm

2:30pm - 3:00pm
David DuBois, CMP, CAE, CTA, FASAE, President & CEO | International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE)

Virtual Panel
3:00pm - 4:00pm

Key leaders of the exhibitions and events industry will discuss how business events are coming back and what we can do to advocate for the industry. Live event stakeholders will not want to miss this recorded virtual discussion among a dynamic panel of industry power players. Exhibitions really do mean business!

4:00pm - 4:20pm
Executive Chef James "Chef K" Katurakes
Hosted in Centerplate Demo Area, Aisle 300

4:20pm - 4:30pm

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Personal Protective Equipment for Back to School

Rogers understands school districts are working hard to create a safe environment to welcome back faculty and students. To help promote safe returns we offer a variety of PPE items to help achieve their back to school safety plan. We also offer sneeze barriers, adult and youth masks, floor decals, tents, signs and displays designed to help protect, sanitize, and inform.

Let us help get your school ready! Contact us today 800-544-3880!

Check out all of our PPE items

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In this Quick Tips video, experts at The Rogers Company will walk you through a short step-by-step process for handling spot colors in Adobe Illustrator.

When preparing files for wide format printing, this step crucial because our printers uses 6 and 8 color printing. If you do not properly set your colors to PANTONE colors they do not always translate properly in that environment. Our printers are calibrated with PANTONE color guides.

Rogers is Here to Support Your Healthy Back to Work Space

Rogers is here to help turn your office into a healthy work space for welcoming back customers and employees.

We have everything you need to get ready!

Rogers offers the exciting new BannitizerTM Sanitizing Station and traditional hand sanitizing stations.

Encourage disinfectant practices for patrons, employees, and guests!

We offer the exciting new BannitizerTM Sanitizing Station and traditional hand sanitizing stations. These can be placed in every entryway, hallway, common area, employee break room, near every restroom and more!

Rogers offers vinyl floor decals encourage social distancing, traffic flow, and communicate important messages.

More important than ever, it is critical to encourage social distancing and physical separation for patron and employee heath and safety.

Vinyl floor decals encourage social distancing, traffic flow, and communicate important messages are critical for all types of businesses and interior environments.

Rogers offers Fitted Masks and Pleated Masks with space for a filter.

Why not socially distance in style? We are going to be wearing cloth face masks for some time, which is all the more reason to find a style and design that you like, are comfortable, and fit you well!

We offer Fitted Masks and Pleated Masks (with space for a filter).

There are 37 designer options to choose from!

Rogers offers outside banners and flags to help easily help give share this information with your patrons.

Still open? Let your customers know you are still open and where they go to pick up their orders!

We offer outside banners and flags to help easily help give share this information with your patrons.

Rogers helps promote social distance and physical separation while protecting from splashes and sprays with clear plastic barriers.

Help maintain social distance and physical separation while protecting from splashes and sprays with clear plastic barriers. Plexiglass sneeze guards, cashier shields and other clear partitions are more important than ever.

We offer several different sizes and custom vinyl branded logos.

Contact Us Today!!

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Vibrant, Bold Colors Help Your Brand Stand Out

Are you looking for ways to bring attention to your booth on the show floor? Using vibrant, bold colors in your booth really helps your brand stand out on the show floor. 

The use of back-lit graphics and dramatic up lighting can also give your booth extra pop by providing dimension and depth.

Graphics Quick Tips by The Rogers Company – Checking Photo Resolution in Illustrator & InDesign

In this Quick Tips video, experts at The Rogers Company will walk you through a short step-by-step process for checking your photo resolution in both Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

When preparing files for wide format printing, this step is important because if your images do not have the proper resolution you will end up with pixelated or grainy images when they are printed.

Going Green

Happy Earth Day!

Lets make some green initiatives with your exhibit...here’s how:

Make the change from printed literature to digitized e-literature.

Choosing furniture made from sustainable materials are on trend and available. Also, Utilizing rental furniture from the show is also great, it may not be bamboo, but rental furniture allows you to change up your furniture without purchasing new and this helps with reuse.

There are several environmentally friendly flooring options available. From Recycled rubber flooring, carpet made from plastic soda bottles, bamboo flooring, to cork flooring tiles.

Lighten up your load
Unique and creative materials to help decrease weight to save on drayage and freight costs.

Make Properties Last
Re-purpose tired properties whenever possible. We will work with you to find creative ways to create new pieces out of your existing inventory.

There are a lot of ways to try to make your booth sustainable and environmentally friendly. We hope this helps you think of ways you can start implementing eco-friendly decisions into your booth.


Trend Tips – Printing on Raw Wood

Are you looking for a unique way to add natural elements into your design?

Printing directly onto a raw wood, such as raw birch plywood, adds a beautiful natural appearance to your exhibit or branded message wall.

Patterns such as brick, stone, or wood plank can also printed directly onto raw materials. These printed panels can then be aligned to create murals. They can even be incorporated into the construction of wall panels used for both trade show exhibits or applies to existing surfaces for corporate lobbies/showrooms.

Graphics Quick Tips by The Rogers Company – Converting Text to Outlines in Illustrator

In this Quick Tips video, experts at The Rogers Company will walk you through a short step-by-step process for converting your text to outlines in Adobe Illustrator.

When preparing files for wide format printing, this step is important because the RIP or “Raster Image Process” differs from traditional digital printing.

Portables for Online Meetings

Working from home can have a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to face to face online meetings. Staying professional with your clients and colleagues is important. We all have distractions working from home, whether it’s your kids or pets in the background making noise to not having a business friendly area in your house for your online meeting. We can’t help with the kids or pets, but remember if you have access to any of your company branded portables, they make great backdrops for your call! We have found that Banner Stands, HopUps and Formulates work great for this!

Portables for Online Meetings

If you do not have access to one of your company portables, contact your Rogers sales team, we are still able to fulfill these orders!

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Rogers made Exhibitor Magazine’s 2020 Find It – Top 40

Rogers is incredibly happy to share some exciting news - Rogers made Exhibitor Magazine’s 2020 Find It – Top 40, which honors the industry's top exhibit producers in North America.

All applicants were subjected to an exhaustive evaluation process including more than 50 individual criteria such as capabilities, service / reliability, creativity, thought leadership and honors / awards. The various criteria are weighted to reflect how EXHIBITOR readers and Editorial Advisory Board members value them when vetting and selecting potential partners.

Exhibitor Magazine's Find It - Top 40

"This program is intended to spotlight the best exhibit producers in the industry, while also providing a valuable resource for exhibit managers searching for new potential partners," said Randy Acker, president and chief operating officer of Exhibitor Media Group. “The third-annual Find It – Top 40 represents the most exclusive list of U.S. and Canadian exhibit providers in the industry and serves as the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval when it comes to the companies behind many of the most successful trade show stands in the world.”

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Rogers is here for you!

Our team is working remote and ready to assist you and your team any way possible. Even though our offices may be closed, we are very much still open. We are doing our part to keep everyone healthy by following all government guidelines and protocols regarding COVID-19.

Please feel free to reach out to us so that we can assist you anyway possible!

Rogers Is Here For You

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Rogers Makes the 2019 Event Marketer Fab 50 List

We are very excited to share at the end of December, we received a spot on "the Fab 50" list. This award is presented by Event Marketer to the top fabricators serving the event and trade show industry. We are truly honored to be included with this group of exceptional exhibit builders. We work really hard to make sure we meet all of our clients expectations; from conception to watching their booth come to life on the show floor to taking it down and bringing it back to Rogers. Every step of the way we are an extension of our clients team.

Click here to see us on the Fab 50 list!

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Baby Jogger Showcases New Products at ABC Kids Expo

Baby Jogger a division of Newell Brands, exhibited in a 20x40 booth at ABC Kids Expo®, which was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, October 23 - 25th. They used large based pedestals with tall graphics and bright colors to showcase their awesome line of strollers, travel systems and car seats. They also had a huge announcement at the show, they introduced 3 new products that will be available early 2020; city suite™ Multi-Level Playard, city bistro™ High Chair, city sway™ Rocker.

ABC Kids Expo® is the world’s premier juvenile products trade show. You will find virtually every significant manufacturer or distributor of products for infants and children presenting their newest, most innovative products and services. ABC Kids Expo® has 700 exhibitors and over 8,000 industry participants are expected to converge at this private trade event.

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Rogers supports 6 clients at pma FRESH SUMMIT

pma FRESH SUMMIT wrapped up over the weekend in Anaheim, California. Rogers supported 6 clients this year; Boskovich Farms, Houweling’s Tomatoes, LGS Specialty Sales, Pero Family Farms Food Company, Robinson Fresh, and T. Marzetti Company. The show floor was packed from the minute the show floor opened. We hope everyone had a great show!


Boskovich Farms showcased their delicious produce in a gorgeous new 20x40 booth.


Houweling's Tomatoes exhibited in a 20x20 booth where they promoted "Free the Cucumbers - Ditch the Plastic." They are implementing a new type of coating called Apeel that allows a plastic free solution and keeps the freshness.


LGS Specialty Sales exhibited in a 20x30 booth.


Pero Family Farms Food Company exhibited in a 20x40 booth.


Robinson Fresh exhibited in a 20x50 booth.


T. Marzetti Company exhibited in a 20x40 booth.


What is pma FRESH SUMMIT? Get ready for powerful education, more than 1,000 companies showcasing their latest products, services and innovations, and networking opportunities that bring together some of the biggest names in the fresh produce and floral industry. Be sure to check out the Fresh Ideas Showcase, highlighting some of the hottest new products on the market. And don’t forget the Experience Extensions which provide the opportunity to have informal conversations about hot topics with industry leaders. There are lots of great sights, sounds, tastes and compelling stories to tell. The Produce Marketing Association is a trade organization representing companies from every segment of the global fresh produce and floral supply chain. PMA helps members grow by providing connections that expand business opportunities and increase sales and consumption.

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Rogers Capabilities Video

We are excited to share our new capabilities reel with everyone. We are more than just an "exhibit house." We are experiential storytellers. Let Rogers help bring your brand to life on the show floor. Check out our new video to learn more about what Rogers can do for you.

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